P.O.S.I.T.I.V.E. (Proactive, Optimistic, Sisters, In Touch, Involved, Validated and Empowered) VOICES is a peer-led leadership initiative for Women. It is the first women’s PLWH/A advocacy network for the State of South Carolina. The Network is comprised of 10 women who are ready, willing and able to raise awareness of the environmental and economic impact that the HIV/AIDS epidemic poses on individuals, communities and, ultimately, society. They are also an advocacy leg of the South Carolina HIV/AIDS Care Crisis Task Force.


We believe by engaging Women in a learning process in which we create, share knowledge, tools and techniques we will change and improve the quality of our lives and our communities. We believe this will help reduce stigma and discrimination which creates barriers and delays to testing, disclosure and follow-up treatment after receiving a positive HIV/AIDS diagnosis.